McKenna Team: Our dedication to our community's success

Guiding Principles

Stewardship Serve as a good steward of the assets for the long term benefit of the New Braunfels community.

Resource Be a leading resource to residents, nonprofits, and local government.

Partner Actively seek to partner with others to maximize the impact on those we serve.

Integrity Act honestly and fairly in all endeavors.

Accountable Measure and evaluate grants and services to most effectively meet the needs of the community.

2017 McKenna Foundation Trustees
The leadership behind the McKenna vision.

  • Mr. Bill Van Kleef
  • Dr. David Starch
  • Mr. Dib Waldrip
  • Mr. Jeff Albrecht
  • Mr. Jim Wesson
  • Mrs. Julie Garcia
  • Mrs. Lorrie Coles
  • Mr. Mario Luna
  • Mr. Michael Spain
  • Mrs. Norma Herrera
  • Mrs. Patty Toney
  • Mr. Robert Hunt
  • Mrs. Rose Zamora

McKenna Team Members
Making the McKenna vision a reality.


  • Alice JewellChief Executive Officer
  • Chandra EngelkeChief Financial Officer
  • Kristen FainProgram Officer
  • Daniel RivasOperations Officer

McKenna Foundation

  • Lindsay MorganGrants Manager for Capacity Building
  • Francine VannGrants Coordinator

McKenna Events Center

  • Lindsay MorganEvents Manager
  • Adrian SchulzeEvents Operations Coordinator

McKenna Children's Museum

  • Joel GonzalesEducation and Exhibits Manager
  • Isabel MartinezOperations Manager
  • Ashley DavisGuest Relations Coordinator

McKenna Parenting Program

  • Jaci GonzalesParenting Manager
  • Lisa ArcosParenting Educator
  • Paige BiersdorgerParenting Educator
  • Cindy CantuParenting Educator

New BraunFit Gym

  • James GaretzGym Manager

McKenna Management

  • Christina ChapaOpertions Coordinator
  • Jesse GonzalesFacility Engineer

Governing Documents

McKenna Governing Documents