From adequate rentals to starter homes, Comal County lacks enough affordable housing. In 2018, the median market rate in New Braunfels for a two-bedroom apartment was $1,183 per month before utilities. In contrast, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) set the fair market rent for the same apartment at $1,001 per month, including utilities. Assuming rent should be approximately one-third of a family’s annual expenses, an hourly wage of $20.48 per hour ($42,599 per year) is needed to afford the market rate or $17.33 per hour ($36,046 per year) for the HUD rate. Considering the minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 per hour, many working families struggle to maintain housing.

Our neighbors in need include:

  • minimum/low wage earners
  • people living on the streets
  • people who are couch surfing
  • families living doubled up in single-family spaces
  • youth aging out of foster care
  • seniors on limited fixed incomes
  • families stuck in poor building and site conditions that are unsafe, unhealthy, and over-priced

Average worker making min

wage would need 2.5

full-time jobs just to afford

housing in New Braunfels

Source: HUD/National Low Income Housing
Coalition 2018 Out of Reach Report

2.5 jobs

Number of full-time jobs a minimum wage earner needs to afford rent


Two-bedroom fair market rent


Annual income needed to afford a two-bedroom rental

The Inspiration

We envision a community where every child and adult is able to count on something most families take for granted – a bed.

New Braunfels is experiencing one of the fastest population explosions in the country. While new housing is being made available every year, it is not on a level to match those who already live here in addition to the influx of new residents. This has caused a housing crisis that has resulted in inflated rent prices; pushing once-affordable housing out of the grasp of lower-income residents. So we’ve started doing something about it. Something big. Something that could break the cycle of homelessness for families for generations.

McKenna is active in providing services to enhance the health and well-being of the New Braunfels community, serving as a partner and resource to others who share our goals — now and for future generations.

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