Mental health issues are more common than you think.

There’s no shame in a person admitting they are being affected by a mental disorder. Currently, more than 16,000 people in the greater New Braunfels area are living with some degree of mental illness. The good news is that mental disorders are very common, and very treatable.

Critical Needs:

  • Crisis services, inclusive of both inpatient stabilization and
    outpatient emergency intervention services
  • Mental and behavioral health services for teens and young adults with
    school-based and student engagement opportunities
  • Parent education focused on identification and early intervention
  • Qualified psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed social workers and
    counselors to create a continuum of services
  • Local inpatient treatment options, either through recruiting new providers or
    establishing treatment beds through local hospitals
  • Integrated treatment programs for those dealing with dual
    diagnosis issues (mental health and substance abuse).
  • Community education and advocacy to ensure successful prevention,
    early identification and intervention, and an increased understanding of mental
    health issues with a corresponding reduction in stigma and its many consequences

Mental Health in Texas:

  • 1 in 5 adult Texans will experience a mental health concern at some point this year.
  • Over 20% of children ages 9-17 have a diagnosed mental illness.
  • Texas ranks 51 out of 51 in access to mental health care.

Meadows Report/ Mental Health in Texas

1 in 5

will face a mental health need


adults and children in Comal County with a mental health need

The Inspiration

We envision quick, easy access to quality, community-based mental health services throughout Comal County for families, children and adults. In order to accomplish this vision, we intend to work together to:

  • Promote community education and prevention
  • Develop a comprehensive continuum of locally available services
    that addresses the needs of the community
  • Expand and improve access to services in communities surrounding New Braunfels

The McKenna Foundation convened local stakeholders with a Mental Health Task Force in 2014 and a Behavioral Health Leadership Team in 2017 to turn inspiration into plans for impact, resulting in several life changing community resources.

McKenna actively provides services to enhance the health and well-being of the greater New Braunfels community, serving as a partner and resource to others who share our goals — now and for future generations.

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